Acrobatic partner yoga and its therapeutic properties


Seminar Director: Kirialanis Pashalis, Assist. Professor, TEFAA-DUTH

Seminar Instructor: Eleni Tsoni Physical education Teacher, 

Eleni Tsoni is Teacher of Physical education, rowing and Tae Kwon Do champion, personal trainer, Aerobic-Yoga-Acrodynamic Instructor, tutor of pedagogic exercise and indoor activities in DPESS for 3 years, sports writer, journalist in TV 100 for 6 years, seminar instructor, has been in the fitness field since 1984.


Acrobatic yoga is an innovative technique which combines yoga poses with the acrobatic aspect of gymnastics. The practice part consists of the following basic components:
 formation of a circle (a group) to begin the practice, yoga practice in order to prepare the whole body (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and therapeutic massage),practicing of inversion positions, assistant training and the acrobatic exercises with a partner.

The benefits are numerous:  increased confidence, relaxation, strengthening, flexibility, responsibility, sociability, sense of sharing and having fun, since it is experienced like a game!!

Date: Saturday 19 May 2018
Seminar fee: 30 €