“BALL SCHOOL”: Ball Games introductive methodology for preschool and primary school children

Seminar Director: Klaus Roth, University of Heidelberg

Seminar instructor: Irini Faleka, Phys. Educ., MSc., Certified Ball School Practitioner

This is a “must have” seminar for “ball games” coaches, working with children. The concept of Ball School Heidelberg was developed by Prof. Klaus Roth, Institute of Sports and Sports Science at Heidelberg University, Germany, in 1996. In 1998, the first Ball School courses were implemented in primary schools. All of the Ball School’s programs are scientifically reviewed, updated and fully differentiated. Ball School Heidelberg provides activity programs for all children. It supports the children’s motor development and hereby also includes kids with motor deficits as well as those who are highly talented in sports games. It was awarded in the innovation contest in Germany (2009) and labelled “hallmark of excellence” by the platform for Nutrition and Movement (peb) (2003).


Date: Saturday 19/05/2018 

Seminar fee: 30